IDM – A system that connects Students, Universities and Companies

IDM (Internship Dynamic Matching)system is an online matching system for practical research internships for the purpose of exchanging the  information among the students, member universities and member companies of C-ENGINE.

Throughout IDM online matching process, coordinators assigned from each university act as liaisons between students, university faculty, and company representatives to ensure ideal matching of internship programs.

The university coordinator listens to the intentions of the students, university faculty, and company representatives and make every effort to adjust the content and timing of the internship
and try to match internships carefully for meaningful result to ensure a win-win relationship for all three parties.

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Quality Assurance of Educational Effectiveness

We support your research and provide an environment in which you can concentrate on your research at the internship site by confirming and matching internship plans with companies in advance, and by creating an “organization-to-organization” internship between the university and the company rather than a “student-to-company” internship in which the individual student has heavy contractual responsibilities.

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What I can do when you register as an IDM user?

1) Interaction in all C-ENGINE members

You can participate in all the C-ENGINE events between all member companies and all member universities.

2) Clarification of issues

As you register your information and utilize the information, we will clarify the issues you face and provide feedback of what you can do with IDM System.

3) Register your research topics and achievements

By registering your research themes and achievements, you can receive contacts and other actions from companies that have visited them through IDM online.

4) Search and view internship opportunities

You can search by “keyword” or “research theme” or use the list of internships by company to find internships that are highly relevant to your desired research and development.

5) Proposal of your own Research Themes

You can also propose your  own research topics/theme to our company members.

6) Join Exchange Meetings to share your information

平成27年8月4日 東北大学での開催

The company representatives speak passionately to students about their company, their research, the kind of people they are looking for, and their expectations for the internship.

You can hear the real opinions of the company representatives, that gave you new perspectives on their research and careers.

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