RISE – Transferable Skills

When considering a career in research at a university, national research institute, or corporate laboratory, or when searching for a job that allows you to showcase your abilities outside of research, it’s important to evaluate your knowledge and skills. This means taking stock of what you’ve learned so far and conducting a self-evaluation. To make this process easier, C-ENGINE proposes a concrete list of evaluation items in the form of the transferable skills “RISE” .

RISE has four domains of skills necessary for independent researchers: (1) Research governance & organization, (2) Intelligence & knowledge, (3) Social relationship, and (4) Effectiveness. Every skill listed in RISE has the potential to be applicable in other areas of your work. We encourage you to be mindful of its usefulness and train yourself accordingly. These skills are genuinely transferable.

Obtain transferable skills RISE with a research internship!

C-ENGINE utilizes RISE’s skill set during their internship to enable interns to set their goals.

Skills of ‘S – Social relationship’ and ‘E – Effectiveness’ of RISE are essential when working with researchers from different disciplines and diverse people to develop integrated knowledge for science and society. You can learn these skills outside the university setting, for example, through a C-ENGINE internship.

Each of the competences listed in RISE is considered essential for research and career development, but you should first ask yourself;

  • What abilities do you already have and how good are they?
  • What are the areas in which they are lacking and what areas they need to develop?

which helps you develop your skills.

Mastering all skills is a tough challenge, and each skill has different levels of proficiency. The crucial thing is to be aware of these skills regularly, identify the ones you need to develop, and focus on them. C-ENGINE suggests that you can enhance your skills by participating in research internships.

Transferable skills RISE needed to become independent as a researcher

C-ENGINE utilizes the RISE skill set in its evaluation forms.

If you are a student interested in participating in a research internship at C-ENGINE and would like to take this RISE evaluation, please contact the C-ENGINE office and we will send you a set of evaluation forms and instructions!

Download the RISE skill set.

*If you’re interested in enhancing the overall competencies of successful researchers, please check out Researcher Development Framework by Vitae in the UK.