【Researcher’s Café #2】 “A Short-Cut to know how to join a Research Internship” will be held on 14th June! – [English event]

C-ENGINE “Researcher’s Café” is a series of special events for doctoral students who plans to join a Research Internship.

Join us and discuss the questions, concerns, and worries you are facing about your Research Internship with senior researchers and those with research internship experience, and get advice from a broad perspective.

Our online participatory panel discussion style is not just a platform for advice but a space for you to actively engage and take your first steps toward becoming an excellent researcher through a Research Internship.


Date/Time:JUNE 14th, 2024(Fri)16:30~17:30

Venue:Online via ZOOM 

Participants : Graduate students and undergraduate students who belong to

C-ENGINE member universities.

Registration https://forms.gle/L5YZvAYrYx2E6zfJA(Deadline: June 12 18:00 )

*Zoom link will be sent to those who have registered.
*Please register with IDMInternship Dynamic Matching system), too.



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